Design I's main goal is to understand the underlying concepts used in design. Form and space is defined first and building off that we use the ideals of addition and subtraction to utilize solid and void spaces.  Conceptualizing these basic principals we can metaphorically build the rest of our design ordering circulation, geometry, hierarchy, and develop a parti.

Additionally our class was to survey areas on our campus and note places of high and low circulation to better in understanding the flow of circulation, and how to make a design that reflects a functional design.

Below are the hand crafted projects to help better understand the concepts used.

suagr cube - edit.jpg

For the sugar cube project are main goals were to focus on creating masses and voids to highlight geometry.


The dowel project was a conceptual way of looking at what is  defined as a separated space and how height can define the hierarchy.

black & white project-edit.jpg

For the black and white chip board project, we took a deeper look at void and geometric spaces and had to follow the direction not to have overlapping or butting pieces.